A few days back, as I was sharing the link to the new Captivity trailer, I mentioned that the flick was still "locked in" to its May 18 release date. Well, turns out I was a bit premature with that assertion. Turns out that After Dark will hold the horror movie's release until June 22, most likely in an effort to appease the MPAA, which they royally pissed off with their unapproved (yet still published) billboard ads.

This moves the Elisha Cuthbert thriller from a head-to-head sorta-battle with Shrek the Third and positions it up against a whole bunch of movies, such as the fact-based tragedy A Mighty Heart, the big-time comedy Evan Almighty, the historical drama September Dawn, and the oft-delayed action-jiggle flick DOA: Dead or Alive. Odds are that one or more of these movies will be shifting release dates ... again. If Lionsgate and After Dark decide to push Captivity back again, the thing might just end up as an entry in the second annual After Dark Horrorfest.
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