If you've descended upon Chicago to get a glimpse of Christian Bale as The Dark Knight, you will have to twiddle your thumbs for a bit and be patient. The footage that has been shot in the Windy City has been without the man in the suit, and Bale says that he will slip back into the role again in two weeks. During a roundtable for Rescue Dawn, IESB questioned him about his next stint as Batman. Of course, he wasn't a flowing tap of information, but he did say a little bit about his new nemesis -- The Joker.

According to Bale, he is looking forward to Heath Ledger as the joking fiend: "He is a great choice for it. I like it, personally." While he isn't too descriptive about what Ledger will do with the role, Bale does say: "Heath has a really crazy take for playing that role. He's going to do something really different with it." So, how do you do a new and crazy take on a crazy person? The most that I can imagine is that Ledger will be darker (of course) and be more of a historic joker rather than a white-washed caricature. We still don't have word on what Joker will looks like, since a Cinematical source debunked the earlier pictures floating around. So, try to slip yourself into Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger's shoes. How would you envision the Joker in the world set up by Batman Begins?
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