Even though it looks like feelings were prettymixed when it came to the action flick Crank, it seems that there were enough fans out there interested in a sequel about our adrenaline-challenged friend. Movie Blog spoke with Crank's writer/directors Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine about the possibility of a sequel while they were doing an interview for Movie Blog's Uncut about their upcoming thriller Pathology. When the topic strayed to Crank, Taylor had this to say: "There will be a sequel to Crank yes. Prepare to Crank again. And you know the 'is it a sequel or prequel' question... IT'S A SEQUEL. We're not selling out and going prequel. We are picking up where the last movie left off." This makes you wonder exactly how they are going to pull that one off, considering how the first film ended.

Since this was just a small aside in a larger interview, there are not many details about the proposed movie, namely if Jason Statham would be returning. Statham is signed on for not one, but two heist movies in the next year, including the sequel to The Italian Job -- The Brazilian Job, and a true-life heist movie titled The Bank Job about one of Britain's great unsolved crimes. Since Taylor and Neveldine are going to be busy for the foreseeable future with Pathology, it might be a while before they can get around to figuring out how to bring their hero back from the dead.
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