It was almost a year ago that Martha Fischer covered the upcoming labor of familial love -- The Best Time of Our Lives. Written by Sharman Macdonald, the film covers the explosive romantic rivalry between poet Dylan Thomas, his wife, his childhood friend and love and her husband -- and it stars Macdonald's daughter and famous female pirate, Keira Knightley. Mum recently spoke to the Guardian and not only debunked the lesbian rumors that surfaced recently, but also mentioned her next project. In what is quickly becoming a theme, Macdonald is working on a romantic slice of writer Ernest Hemingway's life. X-Files star Gillian Anderson had initiated the project, and Macdonald is hoping that she'll still be interested in starring.

Gearing up to finishing the first draft, the screenplay features the relationship between Papa and his third wife Martha Gellhorn. This was after Elizabeth Hadley Richardson, who was the grandmother of Margaux and Mariel, and Pauline Pfeiffer, who pulled out Hemingway's "last cent" after the creation of the first residential pool in Key West. Gellhorn was a writer and war correspondent who traveled with Ernest in Europe during the late 1930s. They married in 1940, and their brief and tumultuous marriage dissolved during the second World War. (You can read more about Gellhorn and her thoughts on Hemingway here.)

Anderson only has one movie in the works right now, so barring some unforeseen complications, I can't see why she wouldn't still be interested in the project. Now we have Thomas coming to the screen and Hemingway. Will Macdonald continue the soap opera-reminiscent writer theme? Who would she center on next? Perhaps she could switch it up, drop the soap opera and conquer the tragic love story of Gore Vidal and Jimmie Trimble.
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