The guy's apparently done a whole lot of TV work in the past several years, but actor Luke Ford is pretty much a nobody to the movie geeks of the world. That'll change soon, because the guy was just cast to play the 20-something son of Brendan Fraser's Rick O'Connell character in The Mummy Part 3. (Although I highly doubt it'll be called The Mummy Part 3 when it hits your local theaters ... and no, Rachel Weisz still isn't interested in stopping back for a third mummy-go-round).

It looks like Universal's long-term plan is to have the Mummy series morph into a father-son franchise, and director Rob Cohen couldn't be happier with the 26-year-old Australian actor: "He tested against four much more established actors, and he was magic when he read with Brendan," is what he told Variety. The same source indicates that six different actresses have been tested to play the role of "Evie," although that might just be a last-ditch effort to get Ms. Weisz back on board. Frankly it'd be a whole lot smarter to just write the character out completely than to re-cast it with a different actress. It always feels weird when producers do that. If they really wanted to play hardball they could say Evie died and that's why Rick O'Connell's new girlfriend is played by Elizabeth Banks.

The Mummy 3 plot involves adventures in the Himalayas and battles with crazy shape-shifting mummies and freaky witches played by Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh. Production begins on July 27, and the flick is scheduled to hit multiplexes precisely one year later. (OK, maybe not to the day.) And if you're extra-skeptical about this project, keep in mind that the screenplay comes from Miles Millar and Alfred Gough -- and you could certainly do worse on a "Part 3" than that particular writing team.
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