I saw Bug at Fantastic Fest last September and I've been waiting for the theatrical release ever since then. Lionsgate originally had set a release date for the end of 2006, but pushed Bug back until May 25. They've decided to release brand-new posters for the film -- the original (partially shown at right) might not have seemed to attract audiences. Also, it looks misleadingly like a horror-movie poster, and Bug is more of a suspense film. JoBlo has exclusive images of the latest posters for your perusal. Both posters primarily feature images of Ashley Judd, who co-stars with Michael Shannon (reprising his role from the original stage production). Judd is probably considered the most bankable asset for PR purposes, although I would argue that it's Shannon who truly carries the film -- his performance is stunning.

The Bug posters themselves are not so stunning. The greenish colors used in the top poster are good and evoke the tone of the film very well, but the smaller floating face embedded in Judd's image is too confusing and weird. I'm not sure what it's supposed to symbolize, but this poster wouldn't make me want to see the film. I prefer the second poster, done in black and white, with a bug silhouette forming almost a cameo image around Judd's head. It doesn't quite represent the tone of the film and makes Judd seem almost Alice-in-Wonderland-like, but it's a striking and attractive poster. Finally, I feel a bit sorry for director William Friedkin -- I thought this was one of his best films in years, but he doesn't get much credit on the Bug posters, except a line nearly squashed by the title: "From the director of The Exorcist."
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