Maybe if we all wish hard enough, John Cusack's latest role will wipe out the Children of Men rip-off, Talking with Dog, which still (luckily) hasn't gone into production. The rest of the films on his plate have already wrapped or gone into production. There's War, Inc., where Cusack plays a hit man assigned to kill a Middle East oil minister. With Mark Leyner's mind attached, it will undoubtedly go above and beyond what we could imagine. And there's Igor, the animated, star-studded evil science fair, movie that he took over from Christian Slater. Now, Cusack has signed on for an action thriller, of all things.

The film is called Stopping Power. (Doesn't it sound like something Steven Seagal would be in?) It will be directed by Jan de Bont, who started off with a bang with films like Speed and Twister, but then petered out a bit with Speed 2: Cruise Control and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Or, more appropriately, crashed and burned with the former and then petered out with the latter. The film, which will be written by Swordfish scribe Skip Woods and Hitcher scribe Eric Red, is about "a test pilot who sets off on a series of high-speed chases to save his kidnapped daughter from an escaped thief."

Woods seems to be a new addition to the roster, as IMDb lists only Red. The site also describes the plot a little differently: "A criminal on the run steals an RV with a young girl inside, then forces the girl's father to participate in his getaway by acting as a decoy for the police." I'm anxious to see if Cusack just picked this up for something different, or if it will be his gateway into action. Remember -- Bruce Willis was the goofy guy on Moonlighting well before he was John McClane.
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