When I started to read this piece of news, I was shocked. Could Disney have actually picked Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be in the movie about Maddy? After 3rd Rock from the Sun, maybe, but not after Mysterious Skin. While it's a great film, it pretty much solidified the actor as a non-Disney variety. But no, this isn't a literal frog story with warts and ribbits. This is the Adam Davies variety -- a story about publishing and ego that came out of the author's work at Random House.

The Frog King follows Harry, a man of privilege who is farting around in publishing, hating the politics and pretension that surround his work. This inspires him to come in late, spike his coffee and be a general ass -- a mindset that seeps into his relationship with Evie, an editorial assistant. He wants her, but he also wants to cheat on her. The story sounds interesting and reviews seem to agree; however, they also agree that the book came up short. So, if you're making it into a movie and you want to caulk up the plot holes about private advantage, New York City and masculine ego, who do you turn to?

Bret Easton Ellis. The author of American Psycho and Rules of Attraction is penning the adaptation. But that's not all. Darren Star, the creator of shows like 90210 and Sex and the City will make his directorial debut with it. Between Gordon-Levitt and Easton Ellis, this should be a great film -- as long as Star shows some talent behind the camera. At the very least, it should be better than what was originally planned. According to an article here, when the author was tapped to adapt the novel, Joshua Jackson was attached to star. I don't really have anything against Pacey, but he's really no comparison to the star of Brick.
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