The cute and estranged daughter of Eric Roberts is sure exploding on the cinematic scene. ShoWest named Emma Roberts the Female Star of Tomorrow, and as Patrick Walsh recently shared, she's signed on for a sequel to Nancy Drew. Of course, the first one isn't out yet, but that won't stop the star of the future! Now Variety has reported that she's got another film to add to her calendar, a comedy directed by Nick Moore called Wild Child, which will begin production shortly, as the summer hits.

At first glimpse, you might groan at the premise -- it's about "a spoiled Malibu princess whose penchant for wildness drives her father to send her to a strict, all-girls English boarding school." Yawn. It sounds like any other teen film, right? Sure, it has a bit of a British twist, but we all know the story of teen wild ones like the back of our hands. However, this film isn't coming from some chewed up Bic pen that was tossed away and picked up by a random, inconsequential passerby. It was written by Lucy Dahl, the daughter to Roald Dahl. If you happen to be one of the few uninitiated, I'll give you a tip before rabid fans shun you, or throw fruit at you -- he's the guy that wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, amongst other popular works. Sure, she's not her dad, but perhaps the talent is similar.

Emma isn't her dad either, and the media machine has done a decent job of trumping the young actress' ties to Julia, rather than her estranged, actor father. However, she's going to show some edge for this role, so maybe we'll finally get a Roberts reunion? Papa Eric is really making a strong go of things lately, and he definitely has more edge than his sweeter sister.
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