If you expected Mel Gibson to stick firmly behind the camera following his well-known and drunken tirade, guess again. Looks like the statute of limitations has worn off our collective distaste for the actor, and he's planning to celebrate by mounting a sequel to the 1994 flick Maverick. Word is that James Garner is interested in coming back -- but nothing on the participation of Jodie Foster has been offered thus far. (Which is a shame because Jodie, playing it light for a change, was one of the true highlights of Richard Donner'sMaverick.)

According to Hollywood.com, Mr. Gibson is overstuffed with nifty new ideas for Maverick 2: "I think audiences will enjoy what we've got in mind. It won't be happening immediately, but I dare say, it'll happen." He then goes on to say that there'll be no more Mad Max or Lethal Weapon sequels because "there's nowhere to move with those characters." Right, but the characters in a sequel to a remake of an old Western series ... tons of latitude there. Kinda funny that he'd deride sequels with one breath while also floating teasers on a different sequel, but hey, Mel's always been a bit eccentric.

(For the record, this (Jewish) writer holds nothing against Mel Gibson for his nasty remarks. The guy said some stupid things, apologized for them, and moved on. Happens to "normal people" every day -- but it's still kinda tough to forget about it completely, you know? Having said that ... Maverick 2? The first one was cute enough, but ... nah.)
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