Details are pretty slim at this point, but it looks like Warner Bros. (elated and loaded after what 300 did at the box office) has just locked up the rights to another well regarded Frank Miller property. The studio has hired director Sylvain White to helm a movie version of Miller's "Ronin," which is the story of a bona-fide samurai who prowls the streets of 2064 searching for evildoers and battling a magical sword-wielding demon. Sounds pretty good to me...

...only ... Sylvain White? Really? The guy who made Stomp the Yard, Trois 3: The Escort and I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer? Really? OK, I guess the WB executives know something that I don't. (Well, something beyond the fact that Sylvain White won't cost as much as an established action director.) Not trying to savage the guy, but ... really? From Stomp the Yard to an action-packed Frank Miller adaptation? OK then.

Odds are we'll also have to contend with a title change, since "Ronin" is already fairly well-known as a John Frankenheimercrime thriller that stars Robert De Niro. My recommendations are: I'll Always Know Who You Decapitated in the Future, Trois 4: The Swordening and Slash the Neck.
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