Why do all of the best Asian filmmakers have to go Hollywood? It isn't enough that Wong Kar Wai is doing it, but now it appears Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung is also making an English-language movie. I guess that I can try to reserve judgment until I see the result, but it is awfully hard when it is set to star Josh Hartnett. Fortunately, though, Tran's usual actress, Tran Nu Yên-Khê, will also appear. The film, titled I Come With the Rain, also doesn't sound like Tran's typical fare. It centers on a mentally unstable American private detective (Hartnett) who travels to Hong Kong to find a woman with a magic healing touch. And from what I can tell, the plot will also feature a lot of flash backs to a case involving a serial killer, which was what drove the detective nuts.

Most of my love for Tran's films is based on their cinematography, so long as either Mark Lee (aka Pin Bing Lee) or -- more preferably -- Benoît Delholmme is involved, I should at least be happy with the visuals. And I don't actually mind Hartnett all that much, so I shouldn't really have too big a problem with his attachment. I'm just being difficult. I do find it annoying, though, that the original casting call listed the detective as being in his 40s and now instead there is a young actor in the role. It just reeks of compromise. I guess if I Come With the Rain does end up being a disappointment, I'll always have Cyclo, which is my favorite of Tran's three features. If you want to see one of the most stunning films you'll ever see, rent it.
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