Now that J.H. Wyman and his Frequency Films has partnered with former CBS exec Reid Shane, they're gearing up on a number of film and television projects. Top on the film roster -- a teen noir flick called NC-17. Teen and NC-17 together... sounds a bit strange, doesn't it? Considering the title, I'd imagine some sort of satire on the whole rating system, or maybe a horror film where kids who sneak into super-sexy movies found themselves victims of an MPAA-loving psycho killer. Well, maybe not, but it's not like the movie's actual premise ties in any better.

The film will focus on four 17-year-old students who team up to mastermind a crime. That's it; that's all we know about the plot. So, how the title fits in, beyond the fact that the students are 17, is beyond me. The script was written by Wyman himself, and will also be his directorial debut. However, this isn't his first screenplay. In 2001, he was the pen behind The Mexican, the film that assured that big names like Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt couldn't make just any story work. However, it's been a few years, and NC-17 is just one of many screenplays. He told Variety that he's been working on a number of specs, and 3 others are already in the works -- one of which is Tony Scott's remake of The Warriors. As for NC-17, the film is set to go into production with its $10 million in funding from Philippe Rousselet's Les Films de la Suane at the end of the year, so maybe the fog around the plot will clear soon.
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