Last year, La Lohan controversy was flying all around as she ticked off co-stars and filmmakers alike. Then, she went to rehab and it looked as though the news was finally coming to a close. However, in the last few months, she's been dropping starring roles. Sure, with a clear and sober mind she might have questioned her choices if she was starring in some terrible movies, but instead, she dropped out of the Dylan Thomas romance and Women of No Importance. Are these roles things she shouldn't have said yes to? I'm not following her logic.

Whatever the case, Lindsay Lohan wants to be taken seriously. While the first step after getting sober should probably be keeping her commitments, she thinks it will be her role in I Know Who Killed Me. The role has her getting kidnapped and tortured, before being rescued and sent home with her saying that she's someone else. According to, Lohan says: "I don't think there has been a role for an actress like this movie was for me in so long. At first I was like, 'I can't do this, I'm getting my legs cut off. I don't want to look like that in scenes; I want to look decent.' But that was just me being young and stupid." How about Charlize Theron? Or my personal favorite, Ellen Burstyn? But I should give her a break. If we know one thing about Lohan, it is that her logic is not necessarily our earth logic.

When she continues about her role, I just want to shake her: "And I have my first sex scene in it, which I always said I wouldn't do. I wanted to do this movie so people can see that I'm a f**king actress." Oh, Lindsay. If you think partaking in a sex scene is what you need to do to be seen as an actress... But we're distracting her from her work (no, it's not the partying and controversy) and keeping her from her Academy path: "I want to get a nomination. I want to win an Oscar. I want to be known for more than, like, going out... I bust my ass when I'm filming and when I have time off, yeah, I like to go out and dance." Well, Lindsay, you used to be my favorite teen actress many moons ago, so I'd love to see you return to it. But girl, great acting is more than getting terrorized on film or partaking in sex scenes.
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