You know, Michael Caine has been a lot of people and done a lot of things over the years. He's had huge highs and embarrassing lows -- the latter allowed him to help jump-start the Razzie awards with Worst Actor nominations in 1980 for both Dressed to Kill and The Island. The actor has also lusted for his daughter's friend in Blame it on Rio, moaned and groaned as Ebenezer Scrooge and most recently, he's played helpful butler and replacement family to the Dark Knight. Now, he's God.

Time Out's Movie Blog has reported that Caine has been cast as the Heavenly Father in a fantasy feature adaptation of Jostein Gaarder's philosophy lesson-mixed-with-fiction novel, Sophie's World. The story is about a 14-year-old girl who begins a correspondence with a philosopher named Alberto Knox, who begins to teach her about philosophy. When she starts to also receive letters from her absent father Albert, the pair suspect they are just characters in a novel that Albert is writing for his daughter. This realization leads them to want to escape. While the first film adaptation was Erik Gustavson's Norwegian effort, this will be English-language and shot in the U.S. with a yet-undetermined cast and director. Malle Jenson, a Swedish writer and seeming assistant to the stars, is working on the script. Considering that it is being pitched as Alice in Wonderland meets Harry Potter, I'm assuming that much of the philosophy will be left out. But forget that... How does Caine fit in?
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