While there has been no shortage of Simpson's movie marketing, I'll admit that some of it has been downright original, including real-life Kwik E Marts and competing Springfield's. Today on Present Cinema (or ??????????? ???? if you are brushing up on your Russian), six new international Teaser posters have been put online. This time around, they have abandoned the oh-so-familiar donut iconography and gone for straight character posters. There are five solo posters featuring Lisa, Maggie, Marge, and of course, Bart and Homer. Both Homer and Bart however, get an extra poster chronicling our favorite "horrible act of child abuse." Not to mention we get another partial look at a naked Bart, which Patrick had already warned us about. At least for decency sake they use the shot from the film with a French Fry covering up anything too specific.

Unless you have been in the witness protection program for the last year, there is probably not much I need to tell you about the highly anticipated big screen version of the long-running show. Already some early reactions to the film have hit the web, and so far most of the feedback has been positive. Although complaints about "side-character" screen time have popped up -- which seems like good news since it's not exactly the worst thing a fan could say about the film. Until The Simpson's Movie opens in July, we will just have to content ourselves with the next tidbit of news to head our way.
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