Summer is finally here, folks! We're celebrating around the office by introducing a new character (he goes by Scott), increasing the death toll (mostly interns), amping up the explosions (...of flavor) and spending exorbitant amounts on other cool special effects (implants for everybody!). Oh, and we're also giving away sweet prizes all summer long.

Not that the Mother Day's DVD Pack we're sending our three winners below for last week's Because I Said So photo isn't a nice piece of booty. Hope your mothers enjoy the gifts, fellas, and by "mothers" we don't actually mean "highest bidder on eBay." But this week is all about the action, and there's plenty of that in the Spider-Man 2.1 Extended Cut DVD we'll be sending the writers of our three favorite captions from the Spider-Man 3 pic below. Just give us that most explosive, high-octane, action-packed, heart-pounding thrill ride of a caption, that's all. Or you could just be funny. Good luck!

Because I Said So1. "NO... I don't want to hear how Woody Allen got his name." – Chaz K.

2. "At WHAT age do I have to do a nude scene to revitalize my career and be taken seriously again?!!?"
Rich D.

3. "For the last time, I don't want to see the snuff film you did with Nicholson and Redford in '75." – Mark M.

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This week's contest:

Spider-Man 3

UPDATE: Winners Announced! Click Here