I would normally follow the question "Got a short film you've made?" with the suggestion that you email a link to the short to Cinematical to include in the Eat My Shorts column. However, today I have an even better idea: Send your short film or video to the fourth annual SXSWclick! competition. If your short film is 10 minutes or shorter in length, you can submit it to SXSWclick in one of five categories: Old-School Shorts (for narratives), Really Real Shorts (for documentaries), Animate-it, Sound Checks (for music videos) and for everything else, the What the F*#!? category. The winning shorts in each category will screen at the 2008 SXSW Film Festival in Austin next March, and the Grand Jury Prize winner gets a MacPro Workstation and Apple Cinema Display. The deadline is June 15, which may be enough time to make a short film (quickly) and submit it if you're really lusting after the awards.

If you're more of an audience member than a filmmaker, you can watch all of the winning shorts from the 2006 competition -- and since I haven't quite finished my most recent Eat My Shorts column, consider SXSWclick your source for good short films online this week. I haven't yet watched all the 2006 winners myself, although I caught the Really Real Shorts winner art/work recently and found it very inspiring for creative people who also have day jobs. Also, keep an eye on the SXSWclick site in late June, when the 15 finalists will have their shorts available on the web for us to watch, as well as vote on the Audience Award.