In one year, Isla Fisher went from the giggly model replacement for Naomi Watts in I Heart Huckabees to a starring role in Wedding Crashers. Personally, I think her luckiest grab was the arm of sexy-when-not-Borat Sacha Baron Cohen, but maybe that's just me. It's been a few years, but now she's got a mountain of movies on the way, the first of which is Wedding Daze (previously called The Pleasure of Your Company). She's teamed with Jason Biggs who danced his bare butt right out of the spotlight after wrapping up his time in the American Pie series.

But oh, if you've missed that arse, you have no farther to go than the Daze trailer. The black screen opens up to a rather small, sparkly bikini bottoms resting on the thankfully underwear-clad bum of Biggs. From there the trailer goes on to explain the film -- Anderson proposed to his girlfriend, in a crazily over-the-top manner, and killed her. Seemingly not interested in going back to that whole dating thing, he proposes to a cute waitress he doesn't know. However, because this is a romantic comedy, it becomes one of those cheek-pinchy happy stories rather than a disastrous train wreck. (If only life really worked that way! Well, then again, the guy deserves it since he accidentally killed his girlfriend while proposing.) There's lots of Fisher's crazy laugh, and of course, no movie like this is complete without a dance scene, although this time it is dance charades with Biggs, who looks like he got some lessons from Paul Rudd. So, if over-the-top, unbelievable wackiness and Biggs bum are your cup of tea, this film will be a grand old time.