For a while everyone has been buzzing about Sam Raimi possibly coming back for another Spider-Man sequel. For every story that says he won't there's another that says he will, and as Kirsten says, it wouldn't be good without each and every one of them returning. Considering that even the positive response picks out the film's flaws, it's probably a good idea that Sam is talking about other cinematic interests -- the Shop smart, shop S-Mart variety. And, even better yet, that the interest isn't re-making the first The Evil Dead yet again. Evil Dead 2 was fun, and the musical is all sorts of awesome, but I think it's been stretched to its limits.

But how could he bring Ash back and make his fans near and far bounce with anticipation? Evil. Dead. Four. (With no mention of the previously talked about remake.) Moviehole found some news from The Herald Sun, which Raimi talked to recently. From the man himself: "I'm trying to get my brother, Ivan, to write the screenplay with me. He wrote Army of Darkness, the third one, with me and we have been talking about another one, but we haven't started working on it." Granted, this is just in the almost-fetal stage, but it says something that it's coming from Sam himself. I'm ready for any new adventures that Ash, from Housewares, might face. And, it's time we had some new, classic Bruce Campbell lines. Hail to the king, baby!

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