Since February, I've been keeping you up-to-date on The Ruins, the latest adaptation by Scott B. Smith, the guy who wrote the novel and Oscar-nominated screenplay to A Simple Plan. Bugcrush man Carter Smith had signed on to direct, and last month, Black Donnelly star Jonathan Tucker was cast as Jeff. Now we've got the rest of the lovebird couples who stupidly think it's a good idea to follow a stranger into the jungle to find his missing brother. It's got all those thrilling aspects in place -- well meaning but stupid people, and a remote, nature location.

With principal photography beginning at the end of the month in Queensland, we've got the rest of the vacationing couples. Unfortunately, there's no word on who plays who, so you can pair the actors up for now as you see fit, and then see if you're right. There's Laura Ramsey, from Lords of Dogtown and The Covenant. Next comes Jena Malone, the Kevin Kline-kissing, Saved! pregnant Christian girl. Finally, there's none other than Shawn Ashmore, Mr. Iceman himself. It's not a bad cast -- an interesting collection of supporting actors -- although I prefer Malone much more when she's in a good comedy than in a serious piece. Then again, this is a deadly jungle thriller, so I'd say they're all up to the task. Are they enough to make you want to take a trip to The Ruins?
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