This is pretty much just a rumor, and one that I have a lot of trouble believing, but supposedly Sacha Baron Cohen is in talks to play Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in the biopic we told you about last fall. The 'news' comes from the Daily Mirror, which claims to have heard from an unidentified source that Cohen is a strong candidate for the role. The last we heard about casting ideas for the movie was that Johnny Depp was being offered the role, but it is very possible he's too busy to take it. Still, the likelihood that Cohen would be a fitting substitute is, in multiple ways, laughable.

According to the source, Cohen actually modeled the look of his Borat character on the likeness of Mercury. Certainly the resemblance is striking. Yet because of the resemblance, Cohen's portrayal of the singer would be too hindered by the connection. Is there any way that audiences could take the performance seriously if they are constantly being reminded of Borat? I don't think so. The source is quoted as saying that Cohen loves the idea that he could get away with playing a real person after aping his image, but Cohen has to be smart enough to realize that he couldn't in fact get away with it. He would have to be the greatest actor alive to pull it off. Of course, he could very well be. I just don't imagine the film's producers would take the risk to find out.

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