Last summer, Cinematicalbroughtword of baby-lover Angelina Jolie's latest film -- A Mighty Heart. The film comes from Mariane Pearl's memoir about the abduction and eventual murder of her journalist husband Daniel by Pakistani militants in 2002. It was a tragic story with a particularly heinous ending -- the kidnappers made a short film, The Slaughter of the Spy-Journalist, the Jew Daniel Pearl, recording how they killed and then decapitated the journalist.

With the June 22 limited release date looming on the horizon, a trailer has been uploaded from The Today Show. It outlines all the particulars -- her husband being kidnapped, her fight and travels, while pregnant, to try and save him -- very trailer school 101. It isn't necessarily bad, but not as intriguing as the story itself either. But perhaps I'm just distracted by Jolie trying to portray herself as an Afro-Cuban woman with Dutch ancestry. Sure, she's a big star, but I can't help but wonder why they wouldn't find a star more ethnically suitable to the role, rather than trying to change another's ethnicity. Without the sound, it looks like a Cher biography. As for the other lead, Capote scribe Dan Futterman, he's just quick flash on the screen and faxed pictures. I might still check it out for his performance, but first I'll have to get used to the Jolie look.