I can always use a good laugh, and while not all the trailers here accomplished the task of making laughing noises come out of my face, humor is the primary goal of these flicks.

Wedding Daze
After what has to be one of the least successful marriage proposals in film history (she drops dead in the middle of it) Jason Biggs's character eventually proposes to a waitress he has just met. I managed to overcome my loathing for the practice of swapping the word "daze" for "days" in film titles -- a loathing I didn't even realize I had until just now -- and I find myself looking forward to this romantic comedy. I've always liked Biggs's work, even in small roles like the one he played in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Here he does what he does well, looking confused and panicky and showing his ass to great comedic effect. Isla Fisher as the waitress who accepts Biggs proposal is just as effervescent as she was in Wedding Crashers, though less demented, and any straight man who doesn't immediately fall for her is a cad. Incidentally, the IMDB is still listing this film under its original title The Pleasure of Your Company. Here's Monika Bartyzel's take on the trailer.

License to Wed
Speaking of weddings, in this one Robin Williams plays a minister who assesses the wed-ability of a young couple played by Mandy Moore and The Office's John Krasinski. I'm not sure if I'm ready for another one of those movies that exists as a vehicle for Williams's antics. Granted, he is a comedic genius, but when allowed free reign the man can be exhausting to watch. The tests the good reverend inflicts upon the our heroes including the communication test which has Moore driving blindfolded while Krasinski verbally guides her and the parental test where Williams gives the two a pair of creepy robotic babies to care for are more silly than funny. I suspect the film might be worth seeing, but the trailer hasn't talked me into it.

Live Free or Die Hard
OK, not exactly a comedy, but the action is so over the top here, notably when Bruce Willis "kills a helicopter with a car," and the pilot dives to safety so the audience won't feel bad about enjoying the carnage. Justin Long, who plays the Mac in those Mac vs. PC commercials is in the film too, and we even get to see a bit of Kevin Smith, who's a pretty funny dude. The trailer is a fine example of Summer blockbuster salesmanship: lots of stunts, things explode. What's not to love? Check out Ryan's take on the trailer, then have a look for yourself: