From German directors Reinhard Klooss and Holger Tappe, Impy's Island is the story Professor Tiberton, who runs an island menagerie of talking animals and looks eerily like UN Ambassador John Bolton, right down to the white push broom mustache. Among the animals on Professor Tiberton's island are a maternal pig who walks upright on her hooves and has a recognizably human ass, a childish penguin and his lizard companion who routinely argue over squatting rights to a giant oyster shell, and a sea lion with a mopey demeantor who has the singing voice of Louis Armstrong. There's also a mute, shirtless island boy who is constantly seen at the side of the professor, but the less said about him the better, maybe. One day, into this happy CGI environment comes a dinosaur egg, which is discovered to be stuck inside an iceberg that is floating by. Thawed, the egg hatches Impy, who the professor declares to be a missing link between dinos and mammals. Since Impy is a newborn, that's what he acts like, clinging to the mother pig and blinking giant, cartoon eyes.

I didn't quite catch where this island was located on the globe, but it's apparently within helicopter distance of a monarchy. One day a pudgy King, who looks to be modeled on Paul Giamatti only with white jowl whiskers, comes choppering in with his dark sunglasses-wearing manservant in order to hunt the Impy right back into extinction. There's some disagreement as to how to get Impy out of harm's way -- the pig actually subscribes to some kind of pagan pig religion, and thinks praying to "The Pork Fairy" will make things right. At one point we see her trying to divine information from the arrangement of the stars -- I guess that's how you determine what the Pig God wants you to do. Some of the animals want to lead Impy underground, to a watery cave dwelling where the King isn't likely to follow; eventually, the cave idea wins out, and Impy is led underground, but he's not out of harm's way yet -- there's a gigantic crab with red eyes that lives there and doesn't like having his fortress of solitude invaded.