Two films could claim to be the must-see of Mood Enhancer, a popular shorts program at Tribeca. The first is Onion Underwater, a slick little acid trip of a movie about a future time when a drug exists that can erase your memory for short periods of time. It doesn't just erase data like who you are and what you're up to in life, it also erases your ingrained memories of things like water and chocolate cake, so you can experience those things over for the first time. We begin in a photo booth with a girl awakening into her no-memory high -- she has three friends charged with guiding her through this experience, each of them sporting brightly penciled eyebrows, which seems like a reasonable fashion accessory of the future. They take her to a pool for a game of Marco Polo, which is a cavalcade of new sensory information for her. Mood Enhancer posits an intriguing little near-future, bathed in bright, hot colors. Casual conversations are peppered with future-speak like "Did you hear the last frog died today?"

The other film that some will come away loving is Color Me Olsen, about two twin brothers who decide to come out to Hollywood to make it, and end up directly in front of Mann's Chinese Theater, where they meet Superman, Oz's Dorothy and a rococo pirate who can't quite name himself, lest he get served with a cease and desist order. These impersonators convince the twins to take on the persona of Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, which they do, thinking this will be their ticket to stardom. The wigs and makeup are a little more comfortable than they planned on, and they eventually begin to believe that they are Mary Kate and Ashley, and start acting accordingly. One brother tells the other: "I'd never go on vacation while you were in rehab." At first their impersonation act is a big hit, and they become the stars of the sidewalk in front of Mann's, but fame comes and goes, and eventually a downward spiral ensues. There are a handful of genuine laughs in this one; Bryan Singer is credited as executive producer.