Oh, Bruce. No, you didn't. It's pretty clear Mr. Willis is intoxicated in this NSFW video interview at a Nets/Raptors basketball game, but even booze doesn't make this OK. Bruce Willis has said, on camera, that Live Free or Die Hard is a better movie than 1988's action masterpiece -- the original Die Hard. Now, I haven't seen LFODH, but...come on. Come on! So many people are against the movie already, and for so many different reasons. The latest rumor is that the new installment will be is shooting for a PG-13 rating (the horror...the horror!). So why send the viewers in, arms folded, with the attitude of "This better be superior to the first one like Bruce said!" Hell, I'll be thrilled if its half as good as the other two sequels!

Now, movie stars are notorious for lying about the quality of their projects. There's money to be made, it makes sense. Halle Berry's not going to go on Letterman and say "Boy, this Catwoman thing is going to S-U-C-K!" But don't set sights this high. Say your movie's better than Under Siege 2: Dark Territory or something, don't compare it to the Citizen Kane of modern action. The video is quick and pretty amusing otherwise, Bruce gets in an out-of-nowhere dig at his old Moonlighting co-star Cybil Shepherd, and manages to to drop his unbleeped John McClane catchphrase as well, which you can hear the sportscaster apologizing for as the clip ends. Anyone know who Bruce is sitting with? Willis keeps trying to push the kid's stardom on the viewers, but I'd never heard of him -- Mike Carajohn, did he say? And you can't beat the interviewer's opening line: "One of the most recognizable faces on the silver screen...Bruce Wilson!" I think Owen and Luke might have just overtaken the Baldwins in the famous brothers department.
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