If you don't already have Twitch wedged into your browser under the "movie blogs" tab, then you're nuts. And speaking of "nuts," said the master of the subtle segue, Twitchmaster Todd Brown recently had a chance to see the latest piece of cinematic lunacy from Uwe Boll. Yep, not only do they have a full-bore (and very well-argued) review of Postal ... they actually liked it, too! Todd says it's actually funny! Funny on purpose, I mean!

Boll-bashers will no doubt want to read Mr. Brown's review for themselves, but here's a sampling of the man's (admittedly astonished) opinions: "It is brash, bold, smart when called for and stupid when required and - most importantly - it is frequently and intentionally laugh out loud funny." (Intentionally? Uwe Boll? I'll believe it when I see it.) "For a film of this type Postal is an unqualified success, a film that knows what it wants to be and hits all of its marks." (Are we talking about the movie that "has fun" with planes crashing into the World Trade Center?) "I can't remember the last film that made me laugh this hard." (Harder than BloodRayne? I can't wait.)

Still no word on when Postal (or Seed or Dungeon Siege or BloodRayne 2) will be available for U.S. viewing, but if I was just "normally Boll-curious" before reading Mr. Brown's opinions -- I'm now officially fascinated by this flick. Twitch is a reputable blog with several solid writers, so there's no way I could dismiss this piece as something written by a fanboy Boll-backer ... but forgive me if I'm still more than a little skeptical.
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