Despite the disappointing box office returns for Grindhouse, that ode to yesteryear's trash cinema has obviously sparked a few imaginations. Over at they're celebrating what they call "Photoshop Phriday" with over 40 mainstream movie posters done over in the grindhouse tradition (and thanks to Boing Boing for pointing this out). In the truest grindhouse tradition, some of these cross the line of good taste, like the nazisploitation take on Schindler's List, so be warned. For some the transition seems natural; if you didn't know Dr. Strangelove was a dark cold war comedy you could just as easily expect it to be a sexploitation flick, which is how it's presented here. Little Miss Sunshine is now a trashy (and rather disturbing) exposé of child beauty pageants.

The graphics guru who did the Sleepless in Seattle poster gets extra points for aping the style of trash films of the 1940s for this tale of "victims of a new sex craze!", and the person behind the Gosford Park poster goes so far as to call this story of "sapphic lusts and debauchery" a product of the old Hammer Studios while doing some nice digital wear and tear. The 42nd Street presentation of the amazing Shaw Brothers kung fu double bill of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers (picture above) looks like it was clipped from an old newspaper.

Not all of the posters score home runs. The Dead Man Walking poster I think goes a little too far by showing Sean Penn as a zombie and actually changing the content of the film rather than how it is sold. The Toy Storyposter doesn't work at all, even after slapping the copy "demonic toys come alive" over a picture of Buzz and Woody, it's still Buzz and Woody. Except for those examples and the overuse of one particular font, I think this stuff is genius.

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