It all started way back in the day with a little movie called Rocky. With that film, writer and star Sylvester Stallone was catapulted to worldwide super-stardom by portraying a complete longshot given one last chance at greatness. Another character similar to Rocky, and with which Stallone is equally as identified, is John Rambo -- whom Stallone first played in 1982s First Blood. Over the years, Stallone has gone back to the Rambo character three other times and is currently filming a fourth installment of the franchise called John Rambo.

When I first told you about the film, we had some details including a start date, story points and some other initial information. More recently, there's been additional casting news and several images have surfaced. Now, thanks to super Stallone fansite Stallone Zone, we can add another somewhat disturbing behind-the-scenes pic from the set of the film to the growing cache of info. At the site, which also boasts one of the most impressive collections of Stallone-inspired fan art I think I've ever seen, they are featuring a pic of Stallone all bloodied and beaten posing with his family during a break from filming in Thailand (click on the photo above for a larger version).

I know he's supposed to look bad for the movie, but after seeing this pic and the previous ones of the over-60 Stallone preparing for action, I just have to wonder if this film was really a good idea at all. In Rocky Balboa, I found it easier for some reason to believe an aging boxer with one more shot in the ring than I do an aging soldier running around blowing the crap outta stuff. Sure, Stallone still sorta looks the part and maybe, as Patrick Walsh said before, its the bad hair that's really bothering me. But I just hope for the sake of everyone involved that when the film does come out, it doesn't become a hilarious, unbelievable, unintentional comedy. Rambo deserves a better ending to his story.