Another day, another Day of the Dead. There's no doubt Zombies are hot these days with the recent remake of Dawn of the Dead and films like 28 Days Later, Land of the Dead and the upcoming 28 Weeks Later. There's also another zombie film currently making the rounds on the test screening circuit -- a remake of George Romero's Day of the Dead, directed by Steve Miner. Over at Ain't it Cool News they've posted an early review of the film based on one of those recent test screenings.

At the site, the reviewer, who goes by the moniker The Helper Monkey, gives his much considered opinion regarding the film's plot, acting and the directing talents of Steve Miner. Now, before I go on, the review at the site contains spoilers and so will this post -- so if you want to stay in the dark and experience the film's glory for yourself, don't read any further. If you just can't wait for any details on the film and don't care about reviews or spoilers then by all means read on. Really, I can quickly and easily summarize his thoughts on the film for you using his own words: "This movie sucks." Granted, that's not the most eloquent sentence ever written but it certainly does succinctly convey his feelings about the film.

Among his many complaints and problems with the film are the ludicrous story elements including the setup and the use of a "magic shotgun" with which the good guys can kill the Zombies. He also doesn't care much for the film's stars; Nick Cannon, and his reason for not eating human flesh once he's zombified (he's a vegetarian) and Mena Suvari as a very unconvincing Army second in command. As THM puts it in his review: "Again this is more of a warning than anything else. They are going to try and trick you into seeing this flaming turd. The ads are going to try and make you think this is another Dawn of the Dead. It's not."