The soccer player turned swashbuckler, Keira Knightley, is getting run down. While Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End gets ready to knock us away in theaters, it looks like its star is ready to knock away not only any chance for sequels, but her part in the whole industry. In an interview with the Guardian, which was released yesterday, Keira says that the film series has run its course: "It's definitely time. I think everyone's glad to move on to different things." Johnny Depp has previously shared an interest in more, so there's a chance the series can go on, but I'm not sure that Disney could convince Knightley to go back.

While the actress seemed full-steam-ahead before the film, now she seems weary, edgy and cautious -- mainly due to the stories claiming she has an eating disorder after some pictures of her in a bikini hit newsstands. Just last week, she hit back at the reports, describing her grueling cardio for Pirates as the reason for her increased skinniness, and griped that naturally thin women are becoming "scapegoats for promoting mental illness." Weary from the personal attacks, she said of her career: "I think I just have to move away or give it up altogether." While she doesn't sound as gung-ho on leaving a week later, her anxiety is still there. In the Guardian interview, a discussion about her cooking and dinner parties quickly turned bitter when she was asked about her stylist, Rachel Zoe, who also works with Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan.

While I enjoy a number of her roles, although I've stayed far away from Domino, I'm wondering if this girl should at least take up a long break, if not give up the biz altogether. One good round in the tabloids and the actress is as tense as can be. While she describes herself as a drama queen, interviewer Chrissy Iley also mentions that Knightley had once described herself as insecure. It might just be a good idea for her to take a break after her mother's film, The Best Time of Our Lives, and try to find her best time.
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