According to the box cover, Able Edwards, which releases on May 29 from Heretic Films, holds the Guinness World Record for the first film shot entirely with green screen. Other films like Sin City and 300have since accomplished the trick with more style, but director Graham Robertson must be commended for shooting an entire feature without sets for a paltry $30,000. Set in a future world where humanity has migrated to a huge orbiting space station, the story lends itself well to a world that is created entirely in the editing process. The backgrounds are largely static images rather than full blown 3-D digital constructs, but the final result is a film with an atmosphere all its own. The look is far from seamless, but that often adds to the retro feel Robertson is going for, as does the black and white Mini DV photography. If you can imagine Citizen Kane with Walt Disney as the main character and set in the future, you've got the basic concept.

As explained in an old style newsreel at the opening of the film, Disney-esque entertainment mogul Able Edwards (Scott Kelly Galbreath) died in 1960, leaving behind the massive Edwards Corporation. The company carries on for hundreds of years, even continuing to thrive after the Earth becomes uninhabitable and mankind relocates to an orbital platform that looks like a digitally rendered set of Tinker Toys. The Edwards Corporation's primary business is now the manufacturing of androids, but when profits reach a plateau, Chairman Warren Hastings (Brian Carpenter) sets in motion a plan to clone the company's founder whose remains still lie in cryogenic freeze down on Earth. Hastings and his wife will raise the clone, with the intention of him assuming control of the company when he reaches the age of 25. An android/human hybrid named Gower (Steve Beaumont Jones) is assigned to be Edwards friend, and to help guide him into becoming as much like the original Edwards as possible.
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