Despite the fact that we all pretty much saw her boobs in the first Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst apparently had to make them look bigger for Spider-Man 3. She told The Sunthat she had to wear a padded bra and that she had no problem doing so. She says she doesn't think it's sexist -- she actually "embraced" the bigger bosom -- and is fully aware that her character's chest is enhanced for the action figures. Of course, the practice of augmenting female features is nothing even remotely new, but it continues to be an issue worth mentioning. Just last week there was a lot of fuss over the posters for the IMAX 3-D version ofHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixbecause Emma "Hermione" Watson's breasts had been re-sized (Warner Bros. claims the poster was not authorized and it has since been removed from the Imax website). If you remember a few years back, a similar issue was brought up regarding Keira Knightley's cup size with the poster for King Arthur.

Dunst also told The Sun that her character helped her to grow in other areas. She says the role has helped her to become a better actress and is very glad that the character was written as more complex than she is depicted as in the comics. Dunst even states that she would like to continue playing Mary Jane, though only if Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire return with her for Spider-Man 4(we already know she thinks it'd be a flop without them all). Finally, Dunst confirmed to The Sun that her next project is the Marla Ruzicka film, Sweet Relief, which we first heard about a year and a half ago (and heard a little more about a few weeks ago). While the actress cites the Spidey films as the most important so far in her growth as an actress, I imagine that this more-serious role will require her to grow even more if she actually hopes to do the real-life aid worker justice.

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