Later this month we're getting our next helping of the green, health-promoting ogre, the parfait-loving donkey, the bubbly Fiona and the cute yet sneaky Puss in Boots. But time is a-ticking and to keep up with this Shrek-every-three-years schedule, DreamWorks is already gearing up for Shrek 4 to come out in 2010. In March, Christopher Campbell shared that the next sequel will be in 3D, as part of DreamWorks' plan to only release features with the extra dimension as of 2009. Tim Sullivan has already penned a script for the sequel, which has also gotten a rewrite by Josh Klausner, scribe of the horror film The 4th Floor.

Speeding ahead, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Mike Mitchell is currently in negotiations to direct the next installment. The director has a varied, but applicable resume for the task -- he helmed the original Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, some television animation like an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants and my personal favorite -- the superhero high school movie, Sky High. I'd rather see him tackle a sequel for Will Stronghold, but Shrek's got a lot more box office power out there -- after the first film got an impressive gross of $484.4 million worldwide, the second did almost doubly well with $920.7 million. Whether the next two sequels do as well, that remains to be seen. I'm just wondering how long this franchise will continue. Will we get Shrek 9 in 2025? It's been Mike Myers' main gig for years now, so I wouldn't be entirely surprised.
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