Shopping, casting and rumors, oh my!
  • On the first, Patrick Walsh shared word that Peter Jackson was shopping around his script for Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones. On the third, I shared New York magazine's first look at the script that Jackson was looking to sell for $65 million + fees. Now The Hollywood Reporter says that DreamWorks is the lucky winner. They have won the rights to the script, beating out other movie houses like Warner Brothers and Sony. Jackson is, of course, directing, and the film is set to shoot this October in Pennsylvania and New Zealand before being distributed by Paramount. Now... Who will star?
  • As we told you last year, McDreamy doctor Patrick Dempsey had signed on to star in the upcoming romantic comedy, Made of Honor. In February, Michelle Monaghan signed to play his platonic, old friend-turned-love interest. Now The Hollywood Reporter is adding three new names to the mix. First, there is model/actress Beau Garrett, who will soon be seen as Frankie Raye in the next Fantastic Four film. Then, there is Tootsie director Sydney Pollack, who has signed on to play Dempsey's dad. Even better is one of the supporting cast -- Kadeem Hardison. Remember the name? He's Dwayne Wayne! Is it time for his comeback?
  • Last we've got a rumor, but it's an interesting one, so I thought I'd share. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has not come out yet, but the rumor mill has greased its wheels for the next installment. According to LaineyGossip, U.K. buzz says that Naomi Watts might grab the role of Narcissa Malfoy nee Black -- wife* to Lucius, mother to Malfoy and connections to others who will not be named for those who haven't read the books. The site muses that Watts claims she feels more British than Australian (she was born in England) recently to warm Rowling up to the thought of her taking the role -- legend says that the author says only British actors can be cast in the films. Can you see her as Momma Malfoy?
*Edited, because she's obviously not a husband. Thanks, Cine readers! MB
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