I have a special rule when it comes to Tim Allen: unless it's a sequel to Galaxy Quest, I will not see any movie starring the former Home Improvementstar. I know I'm not alone in having such a rule. Nobody I know likes Allen or the majority of his movies (Quest is the exception for most, it seems). But a lot of people apparently love his work and so Disney will continue to employ his comedic "talent". Obviously, he was partially the draw for this year's shockingly huge Wild Hogs, which was big enough to get Disney going on a sequel.

The latest picture the studio has attached Allen to is called Yosemite Three, which was greenlit based on a pitch from writers Michael Carnes and Josh Gilbert (The Wayne Brady Show). The idea has Allen and two others playing AWOL corporate employees who hide out in a bar while their co-workers head off on a mandated hike through Yosemite National Park. These lazy guys are eventually reported missing by the hikers and become the subjects of a popular news story. Whether or not the trio has access to a television and knows about their status is not reported. In case you want further confirmation that this movie will suck, though, it is being produced by David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, who together gave us the remake The Shaggy Dog.

Carnes and Gilbert are a hot duo in Hollywood right now, despite the fact that they haven't yet had success on the big screen. Of course, this is only because none of the movies they've written have been released. The first will be Mr. Woodcock, which we told you about in October), arriving in the fall. Then there is the "Untitled Man vs. Nature" film that used to be calledFurry Vengeance, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Piven. They've also got two projects that are not yet in production: Stalker, A Love Story, which will star Owen Wilson, and The Worst Man. I nominate Allen to be the titular star of the latter.
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