Although it looks like Ghostbusters 3 won't be happening anytime soon, Warner Bros. is looking to tap into some of the same themes of that classic franchise by moving ahead and acquiring a new comedy pitch called Weekend Warrior. Pic, which will be produced by Andrew Lazar (Get Smart), looks to be a special effects-heavy laffer that centers on an "armchair home-repair enthusiast with no construction skills" who's forced to become a superhero and battle the supernatural forces that are hell-bent on destroying the world. I imagine the tag line will go something like, "He can't fix a leak, but he sure as hell can save the world!"

Script will be penned by Bill Burch; all we know about the guy is that he's attached to star in another Warner Bros. pic, Pre-Astronauts. No cast or director has signed on yet, but right off the bat I'm not crazy about the name. With a film like Ghostbusters, you immediately know what to expect; in that case, it will most likely revolve around a group of people fighting ghosts. What the hell is Weekend Warrior? It sounds more like a made-for-TV drama about a guy who fights crime on the weekend. Then again, a quick internet search brought me to the page for an HGTV show called Weekend Warriors. That series follows a bunch of folks who take on do-it-yourself home improvement projects. Since I don't own a home (or know how to use a hammer), I assume "Weekend Warrior" is inside lingo for folks who attempt to fix things around the house? Still, what does that have to do with fighting ghosts? And will Tim Allen's name find its way to the top of the casting director's dream list? I need answers here people! Who should I call?

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