Famous comic Berkeley Breathed has been quite chatty while on tour for his latest offering -- Mars Needs Moms! While his latest may or may not ring bells, you surely know him as the creator of Bloom County, the strange comic world that houses famous characters like Opus and Bill the Cat. Now, while promoting his story about Milo, "slavedriving broccoli bullies" and Martians, he's been telling fans about his collaborations with Gore Verbinski and Robert Zemeckis.

The Pirates of the Caribbean helmer and Breathed have been collaborating on a CG adaptation of his 2003 kid's book, Flawed Dogs: The Year End Leftovers at the Piddleton "Last Chance" Dog Pound. The writer admits that "there's only a hint of story in the book. But all of the characters and settings that you need for a fun movie are there." A bunch of wacky animals desperate to be adopted? Sounds like family film material to me. That's not all that Breathed said about the collaboration. According to him, Gore is "sick of pirates. If I wrote a scene that had to be shot on water, he'd run the other way." (It's more hearsay, but seems to be further confirmation that Johnny Depp is the only one itching to continue the franchise.)

Now as for Robert Zemeckis, it appears that he is itching for some Martian action. At a recent book signing, Breathed said that the director is working on an adaptation of Mars Needs Moms! with a script currently in the works. The book has been optioned by Disney, and Jim Hill Media wonders if this means that Mars would be one of the first projects for Mickey's ImageMovers Digital. Me, I just wish that they'd forget these other stories and focus on The Last Basselope. He is a prehistoric beast worth some cinema time.
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