Christopher B. Landon, the screenwriter who just got done making big money by ripping off, er, remaking ... no, "re-imagining" Rear Window for 15-year-olds who can't be bothered with Alfred Hitchcock, is about to pen another script -- and it's another one that sounds more than a little familiar. The Disturbia scribe seems to be taking his inspiration from something a lot more modern this time around: He wants to do a movie about three teenage witches. And I highly doubt that Andrew Fleming'sThe Craft is going to earn a spot in the opening credits.

According to Variety, Landon (who apparently never met a movie he wouldn't unofficially re-make) just sold a script called The Flock to Warners. (Never mind the fact that there's a Richard Gere movie called The Flock that's hitting theaters this summer.) The synopsis goes like this: "Set in contemporary times, story revolves around three teens accused of practicing witchcraft. Girls endure terrifying consequences as a result of the ensuing hysteria and scapegoating." Maybe they'll get Fairuza Balk and Robin Tunney to star.

Coming soon from Christopher Landon: An original screenplay about a town overtaken by birds. After that, a flick about a young girl possessed by the devil. (Obviously I'm being a bit over-snippy here, but I'm just amazed at how much money Disturbia brought in, despite the fact that the movie's been made several times before.) Obviously there's something to be said for giving people the same old leftovers. I think what irks me most is not that Disturbia is a bald-faced Rear Window retread, but mainly that Mr. Landon took a "story by" credit on the flick. That's just tacky.
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