I don't know if I have ever seen a greater collection of girls in one sitting then I did when I went to see Girls Rock! Even more importantly, I can't remember the last time I saw a film, or television show for that matter, and was inspired and energized by the females on the screen. Surprisingly, this comes from the hands of a couple of men -- Arne Johnson and Shane King. Yet it doesn't really matter, because they understand their subject perfectly. With the driving sounds of notable female rockers from Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon to Veruca Salt, the documentary is an intensely intimate, yet respectful, portrait of the pressures and releases of a group of dynamic young women.

The premise is simple – follow a group of girls ranging in age from 8-18 who are partaking in a one-week rock camp – one run by the likes of Sleater Kinney and other notable female bands. The campers embody every type of look, personality and even musical background, and they come together for a week to create a band, learn their role in it, write a song and perform it at a showcase. The film focuses on a few girls in particular, who are epically memorable and varied – Amelia, the insanely exuberant rocker girl, Misty, a green bassist who is working her way out of a troubled past, Palace, the toughest 8-year-old on record and Laura, a Korean 15-year-old with a deep love for heavy metal.
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