While we've been getting a lot of horror flicks lately, they've taken themselves pretty seriously. If there is anything that I've loved about the horror genre it's the tacky moments in between the jumps and geysers of blood. It's been a while since I've been to some camp-fueled gore. (This is probably why I'm heading to the theater tonight to sit in the splatter zone for a performance of Evil Dead, The Musical, but that's besides the point.) Riffing on Grease, Jackie Linder Olson is saying that "camp is the word" for her upcoming film, The Caretaker, which she wrote and produced while her husband, Bryce Olson directed.

Hopefully they wouldn't tease a girl. The movie is about a group of teen boys who want to scare their girlfriends on Halloween. They go out to an abandoned house in a grapefruit orchard and are stalked by an urban legend called The Caretaker. The movie, however, is more than just a night at the creepy house, because Jennifer Tilly and Judd Nelson have notable roles. Nelson is "disarmingly creepy" as an overprotective dad, and Tilly is a teacher who wants to get famous by sleeping with a student. According to the director: "We took a current trend that we found both tragic and disturbing and put it in the forefront of our film. No one could do a better job at this character than the sexy and talented Jennifer Tilly." Is that a compliment? Honey, no one knows deranged, sexually-confused women like you do! Other cast members include: Jonathan Breck, Jennifer Freeman, Diego Torres, Andrew St. John, James Immekus and Kira Verrastro. Hopefully it can live up to the Olson hype.
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