Actor and Oscar-winning director Kevin Costner has had a long, and in many cases, very successful career in Hollywood. First rising to prominence in films such as The Untouchables and Field of Dreams, Costner proved not only his acting talent but his directing skills as well with his academy award winning film Dances With Wolves. Now, according to Variety, the actor will add a political comedy to his already impressive list of credits. According to the article, Costner will next star in the film Swing Vote, which is being billed as an "indie election comedy."

The pic, directed by Joshua Michael Stern and written by Stern and Jason Richman, concerns a single father (played by Costner) who becomes extremely important to a very close presidential election -- it comes down to his vote alone that will decide the winner. In addition to starring in the film, Costner will also be producing with long-time partner Jim Wilson under their newly-minted Treehouse Films -- a company formed to produce indie film, television and online content for Costner to star. Treehouse, a smaller, indie companion to his Tig Productions, will allow the actor, according to the article: "the opportunity to shepherd projects from the ground up, with the goal of aligning partners of a like mind. Swing Vote fits right into that mold."

Even though the director of Swing Vote only has one other feature to his credit -- 2005s Toronto Fest entry Neverwas -- I'm not concerned in the least. Costner has a proven gift for comedy (watch Bull Durham if you don't believe me) and lately has been turning in some terrific performances -- especially in the recent The Upside of Anger. But no matter what you might think of Costner and his ability to hold an English accent for an entire film or how he looks in a mullet while underwater, he's still an interesting and entertaining star. I, for one, will check out this film with great interest. Swing Vote begins filming in July.
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