Do you love movies where people fight to survive and carve out their piece of the American -- or in this case Australian -- dream? If so, then director Baz Luhrmann has got a movie for you. The director who brought you such diverse films as Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge has turned his attention epic-scale romantic tales of adventure with his latest project Australia. I've been following this film for awhile and when I last brought you some tidbits about it, we had some first pics of star Hugh Jackman doing various manly things like riding a horse and walking while talking. Next, there was an exclusive pic of the movie's female lead Nicole Kidman, looking fetching in her Australia costume.

Now thanks to Just Jared, there's more pics from the film to tantalize and further peak your interest for the film until its finally released. The pics this time mostly feature both Kidman and Jackman putting their best foot forward and trying out some fancy dancing moves. There are also some closer pics of the two actors most-likely in rehearsal. From the pics the two stars seem to be enjoying themselves and look to have a great deal of what the gang in Hollywood call "chemistry" -- so that probably bodes well for the film too. After all, who really wants to see a film where the stars hate each other and don't look like they belong together onscreen at all? Not me.