Cannes is almost upon us, which means that we don't have too much longer to wait until Wong Kar Wai's first English language feature, My Blueberry Nights gets screened. Recently, Ryan Stewart shared a peek at Natalie Portman, who is sporting a blonde and curly 'do for the film, and continuing to up the ante on her movie role looks. Then Christopher Campbell shared the Rachel Weisz-featuring poster, which made star Norah Jones seem like an afterthought. (I get the whole star pull thing, but sometimes the studios take this too far. Did the Silver CityDVD cover bug anyone as much as me?)

Now Rope of Silicon has some stills up from the movie, and if cinematic style is any indication of greater goodness, a night of blueberries should be well worth it. The scenes are both dark and vibrantly colorful, and it looks like Kar Wai has done a great job of infusing the extreme color often present in Asian cinema with that dark, pensive look we get so often here in North America. There's the picture of Weisz, which was used for the poster, Jude Law all dishevelled in front of Norah Jones, a great shot of the singer/actress eating pie, a bubblegum bedroom shot and finally, another look at Portman, who looks like she aged a few years and went through the Legally Blonde school of style. With its Cannes premiere almost here, hopefully we will finally get a release date for the film, and not just those teasing words -- "Coming Soon."
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