The problem with every Bond Girl rumor that pops up from now until "Bond 22" goes into production is that none will be as exciting or hopeful as last week'sCarice van Houten rumor. Certainly this week's mention is not even close to as good. According to the UK's News of the World (via IGN, via WENN), singer Amy Winehouse has been offered a part in the next 007 film, which will be released in November of next year. The report doesn't specify that she is being sought as a love interest for Bond (Daniel Craig), or as a Bond Girl at all, but the anonymous source claims that producer Barbara Broccoli, who loves Winehouse's album, "Back to Black", thinks the singer embodies that "retro glamour" of the old Bond films.

The first tip that this rumor doesn't hold up is that since Casino Royale, the Bond films don't seem to be looking for any embodiment of the original films. Rather they are now focused on the modern and real world. And never mind the fact that Winehouse doesn't have movie acting experience (she is also rumored to be cast in St. Trinian's, though), I honestly don't agree with Broccoli's supposed statement in the least. There is nothing about Winehouse, in fact, that I would imagine suitable for the part of a Bond Girl. What may have happened, and what has likely been confused for this rumor, is that Broccoli mentioned she'd like Winehouse to sing the next Bond theme. That would definitely make more sense. The '60s style of the title track from "Back to Black" is perfect for Bond, if the producers want a return to that beloved Shirley Bassey sound. Of course, it would be interesting if the theme were sung by someone appearing in the film, but alas I don't believe this will be the case.

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