Meet George Jetson! His boy, Elroy! Daughter, Judy! Jane ... His wife! OK, I'm kind of hoping that this latest rumor has a good basis in fact. First, go here and check out the old Jetson's intro to refresh your memory. Now, imagine it shnazzed up and done by Robert Rodriguez. Can you see it? Even if Grindhouse flopped (crazy, lazy moviegoers!), the man has proven that he can make a good homage, so watching the intro I could definitely see a modernized version of the modern, Jetson's future.

Now this all depends on the accuracy of El Mayimbe over at Latino Review. According to the site, movie and cooking dynamo Rodriguez is shmoozing Warner Brothers for the chance to take on The Jetsons as a live-action feature. Frankly, I can't think of anyone better for the job. This is one of those projects that could be truly terrible and result in a massive outbreak of bleeding eyes, if done by the wrong people. You've got to be able to respect the original work (check), make it fresh and eye-boggling (check) and have the know-how to make it come to life in a live-action way (check). The only concern: this won't stop Sin City 2, right? Mayimbe says he won't be surprised if it is done before the dark sequel. But hopefully not. Since this wouldn't be animated, who do you see playing the futuristic family? William H. Macy as George, Elizabeth Perkins as Jane, and then some cute kids?
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