I am, by no means, a Trekkie, but I did watch a fair amount of the Trek as a kid, since I had a thing for retro television shows. As I get older, I've been discovering that there are a lot more Trekkies in the midst than just the frequent fan convention attendees. Heck, I recently met Trekkie-turned-poet, so it takes all kinds. That's probably why the franchise continues. It not only has a strong, rabid fan base, but a pretty vast circle of outer interest as well. Now, we've been keeping you up-to-date on Star Trek XI for months, and there still hasn't been clear word on those two popular faces of the franchise.

Last November
, we wondered if Captain Kirk could be replaced, since the powers that be wants to tell the early years of the team. In March, there was news that William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy met with J.J. Abrams for an "exploratory talk" about the film. Now it seems that those talks seem to be it for the duo, at least for right now. The Trek Movie Report has a post up about Spock and Kirk appearing at a convention in Minneapolis. Neither had news about the next sequel, and Shatner joked that he was "out of the loop." Nimoy, sticking to his guns, reasserted that he was only interested if it would be a "meaningful role." Are they just keeping the possibility of Shatner and Nimoy returning just to keep us interested? Are they putting off further talks because the pair won't like what XI will cover, or who they want to cast? Abrams wants to have this out next year, so I'm surprised that the pair hasn't gotten more information.
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