Watching the Saturday Night Live in the 90's special Sunday night, I was reminded of what a genius Mike Myers is. I still remember the flutter in my stomach on Saturday nights when I'd see that Wayne's World logo to open the show. But where has he been? Not counting the Shrek series, Myers hasn't been on the big screen since 2003's hairball The Cat in the Hat. I'm excited about next year's The Love Guru, which we told you about here and here. The film is said to be about "a Canadian raised in India who becomes a guru and helps the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup." When I lived in New York, I always heard about surprise improv shows Myers did around town as the Guru -- apparently the character kills. I'm less excited about Myers playing The Who's drummer in See Me Feel Me: Keith Moon Naked For Your Pleasure, but that might just be because I was so unimpressed by his last dramatic outing, 54. Still, it's good just to hear he's working, and I think we can all agree it was about time to move on from Austin Powers.

But wait. He's not moving on at all! Myers recently told Sci Fi Wire that he definitely plans on making another Powers film after The Love Guru, and that it will likely bring the focus to Austin's nemesis. Says Myers, "I have figured out that the story will be taken from the point of Doctor Evil. It will be powered from Doctor Evil's point of view. That will be the first of a trilogy...I'm just joking!...I haven't figured it all out. Who knows?" Ah, but are you joking, Mike? How long can you drag this out? Look, I love the first two Austin Powers movies, and I consider Doctor Evil one of the all-time great comedy villains, as I wrote about here. But Goldmember showed the formula is wearing real thin. Haven't we had enough? With all those classic characters at Myers' disposal, why is he heading right back to the well? Don't you think maybe it's time to take Doctor Evil's advice and it?

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