Oh great. Just what the world needs. Another lame-ass corporate-owned movie blog that doesn't know a freakin' thing about ... just kidding! We're actually quite happy to share the news that MTV Movies is now offering a brand spankin' new movie blog. Or at least I'm happy about it, and here's why: I'm a big fan of MTV's movie coverage. For the last year or so, they've done some really solid stuff. Aside from the clunky interface and long load times at the website, those guys do a damn good job with the scoops, the news and some consistently excellent interviews. So it's not like a "new" blog as much as it is an upgrade. A much more aesthetically pleasing and bandwidth-friendly upgrade.

Set your browser on 'favorites' and then click right here to pick through the inaugural entries from Brian Jacks and Josh Horowitz: there's a Sarah Silverman video, some news on a potential follow-up to L.A. Confidential, a good deal of palpable fanboyism regarding Rutger Hauer (Horowitz and I may have been separated at birth), a piece about the possibility of a Sopranos movie, and (of course) more, more, more to come. So while MTV Movies is certainly not a newcomer to the world of online flick geekery, we at Cinematical would like to officially welcome MTV to the "blogosphere" -- but since I freaking HATE the word "blogosphere," I'll just say "keep up the good work, guys, and thanks for the linkage on the left-hand side."